Bit.Trip Runner and Super Mario Maker Combine in Squarewave Maker’s Kickstarter Campaign

The Kickstarter is live for Squarewave Maker; a game that blends together the ideas of level creation and music creation in a unique and interesting way.

on September 8, 2018 10:41 AM

Indie outfit Moshing Cat Studio fronted by Far Cry 4 and Far Cry: Primal’s audio programmer Oliver Veneri is reaching out to gamers in order to secure backing for their rhythm-based music creation title Squarewave Maker.

Squarewave Maker is a unique idea that blends together concepts seen before in music creation games like the old MTV Music Generator series with the fun experimental style of Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker. It allows players to create music while simultaneously building levels for their character to sprint through. Leaping over obstacles and pounding back down to the ground below creates sounds while collecting modifiers along the way adds other audio elements into the mix and in turn, creates the musical rhythm.

As the music and the game coexist, Moshing Cat Studio states that the interface will be simple enough for players with no previous audio or level design knowledge to navigate with little to no trouble. However, there is still depth in the idea as the game’s toolbox allows access to a note sequencer, audio mixer, synthesizers, and effects while the level design elements sport a level editor, patcher, and a ton of models to play with. Once a level is created it can be easily shared with other budding musicians and players to enjoy.

The Kickstarter campaign for Squarewave Maker is live now, where you can pre-order the game for PC. You can see the game in action via the trailer below:

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