Rhythm Heaven Composer Would "Love to Work on a Switch Entry"

Tsunku, the popular composer of the music in the Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Tengoku series, would like to work on a Switch entry.

Prolific music artist Tsunku shared his wish to work on a new Rhythm Heaven game for Switch. (Shoutout to Game’s Talk for pointing it out)

Over on Twitter, Tsunku answered a Japanese fan begging for a new Rhythm Heaven game on Switch. The fan said “knowing that a new Rhythm Tengoku game will happen on Switch will give me the hope to keep going as we stay at home. I know many fans are in a similar situation.”

Tsunku answered “I agree! We should all keep asking for a new game! Plus, if it’s on Switch, you could play the game alone, or have fun with others too”.

In short, Tsunku says: keep asking. The more fans ask for it, the more likely it is for it to happen. Just like what Tri-Ace’s Yoshiharu Gotanda said about new Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean games.

Who is Tsunku and why he’s talking about a new Rhythm Heaven game on Switch?

Personally speaking,  I think a new Rhythm Heaven game will definitely release at some point on Nintendo Switch. The series made the glorious days of pretty much all Nintendo consoles since the Game Boy Advance.

Tsunku and Rhythm Heaven are closely linked, but I’m not paid enough to give you a crash course on all this, google it.

Just kidding. Rhythm Heaven, named Rhythm Tengoku in Japan and Rhythm Paradise in Europe, is a series of rhythm games made of mini-games. The series is Wario Ware with only rhythm games. The first game in the series released exclusively in Japan on GBA in 2006. I remember spending many hours on this version of the game. An Arcade version also launched in Japan in 2007. After that, new entries in the series launched on Nintendo DS and on Wii. The fourth and final game is Rhythm Heaven Megamix, launched in 2015 on Nintendo 3DS.

Tsunku is one of the most popular Japanese music producer and composer. He most notably handles the songs for Hello! Project and its idol groups like Morning Musume. I’m really not paid enough to talk more about all this though. Just remember to read/watch Shugo Chara one day and to never look down on children anime.

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