Richard Garriott Is Still Full of Ideas

on November 12, 2011 12:00 PM

I’ve never really known what to think of Richard Garriott; I’ve never played any of his games, but he’s definitely one of those people who talk a big game about everything they do. And he’s got a rather large body of work, mostly with the Ultima series, the big franchise he’s now left.

Recently, he announced his intentions to produce the “Ultimate RPG” (i.e. another RPG by Richard Garriott, Lord Britain), utilizing his experiences from his lengthy career in the industry to make it.

Craig Pearson of Rock Paper Shotgun has an excellent dissection of Garriott’s equally lengthy post on his “Ultimate RPG” that you can read here.

Maybe he’ll finally do what he promised to do with Tabula Rasa. Or maybe he won’t. The latter seems more likely at this point, but I still have some respect for what the man’s done, so I’m not going to shut him out completely.

[Rock Paper Shotgun]

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