Ridiculous Fishing Making its Way Over to Android, Release Date “Sooner Than You Think”

on November 18, 2013 7:08 AM

A combination of fishing mixed with shooting might have sounded like a crazy idea at the start, but after Ridiculous Fishing launched for iOS earlier in the year and hit over $1 million in sales, it proved a crazy idea could be wildly fun and unique.

In a news roundup on the company’s site, developer Vlambeer posted news about their upcoming titles and the company’s progress on other games, in addition to a final piece of news confirming that Ridiculous Fishing will be coming to Android. Specifically, Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail posted that the game will be coming to Android quite soon in the near future:

“Because of popular request, we’ve been working with Zach Gage & Greg Wohlwend since March to see if we can create an Android version of Ridiculous Fishing. The breakthrough came when we met up with the folks at Apportable, who have a framework that allows them to port the game over to Android. That port is now almost done, and the next time you see us mentioning this should be when it releases. It might be sooner than you think.”

Stay tuned for more details as Ridiculous Fishing comes over to Android, and brings plenty of chaotic fish-shooting zaniness with it.

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