Rift 'Forged in Flame' Update Now Available; Adds New 10 Person Raid and More, New Trailer Released

A new update for RIFT is now available that brings a new 10 person raid, additional level 70 content and more.

Trion Worlds has released the newest update to their MMORPG, RIFT. The latest update, Forged in Flame, brings a new 10 person raid, additional level 70 content, a new LFR (Looking for Raid) system and more. The update is free to all players who have purchased the Starfall Prophecy expansion. In addition to the new update, players can now purchase the Starfall Expansion with in-game credits.

The standard edition of the Starfall Prophecy expansion can be purchased for £30.49/$39.99, or 6,000 credits and contains an instant level 65 boost. The deluxe edition of the expansion can be purchased for £45.99/$59.99, or with 9,000 credits and includes everything from the standard edition along with an Ethereal Drake Mount, Asha Catari’s Raiment and the Ring of Ahnket.

Here is a full breakdown of what is included with the new update:

  • Looking for Raid (LFR): Similar to Looking for Group in dungeons, the Looking for Raid (LFR) system gives players the opportunity to quickly and easily join up with others and take down epic bosses where they are rewarded with gear that will help them progress into normal raids. Players are rewarded individually through the Individual Reward System.
  • Tartaric Depths (10-person raid): Accessed with the new LFR system, this level 70 raid with four bosses takes place in a volcanic lair called Tartaric Depths – a fiery prison created by the devils to imprison the Red Flight to ensure that no dragon would ever hold sway over them again. Devilish rituals conducted here have resulted in the creation of Malannon, who is in essence the avatar of the Tenebrean god, The Enigma.
  • Cracking Xarth’s Skull (Life Fortress Siege): The first fortress available with Starfall Prophecy is Xarth’s Skull, the seat of Queen Una. Rings of curtain walls and mighty gates surround the inner courtyard and protect the leaders of the Tuath’de. Players who succeed in defeating all of the inner defenses will be able to enter and meet the greater danger of the 10-person fight against Hexathal, which is accessed through the Looking for Raid system.
  • Eternal Items: These long-awaited and unique weapons are earned through a level 70 quest line, similar to Saga Quests. The weapon will improve as the quest progresses by participating in a wide range of activities such as closing rifts, jumping puzzles, and killing monsters. Every Eternal item is Best In Slot (BIS) and has game-play changing abilities. Players will also be able to discover and improve additional Eternal weapons and armor using the active upgrade system.
  • Level 70 Content: The update brings the Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix up to level 70 and adds to the LFR system, along with the Intrepid Gyel Fortress that is also reworked for level 70.

The base version of RIFT is available as a free-to-play title on PC, with the Starfall Prophecy expansion available for purchase with real money or in-game credits.

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