RIFT Releases New 1.9 Conquest Patch

July 1, 2012

A new and massive update has hit the world of Telara with plenty of new content and features to go around. More then just Guardian and Defiant there are now three cross-faction groups of Ascended, the Oathsworn, the Dominion, and the Nightfall. These three groups will battle cross-server for persistent bonuses and new rewards. If you’re not a fan of PvP though there’s still plenty to do, a new barber shop will allow you to go back and change your character on whim.

Mentoring has made it’s RIFT debut as well, allowing you to lower your character’s level temporarily to that of a friend’s character to help them quest and still get bonuses for yourself as well. There’s several new zones to visit as well, and it’s certainly one of the biggest patches we’ve seen in the game so far. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself.


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