Rigid Force Alpha, a Classic Shoot ‘Em Up Indie, Comes to PC on August 31

Rigid Force Alpha, a Classic Shoot ‘Em Up Indie, Comes to PC on August 31

Rigid Force Alpha, a new addition to the classic shoot'em up genre made by indie studio com8com1, is set to release for Steam on August 31st.

SHMUP fans, mark your calendars; Rigid Force Alpha is coming to PC (via Steam) at the end of August, according to the game’s developer. The title is a classic shoot ’em up action game created by fledgling indie developer com8com1, a team comprised of former developers of ANNO, Might and Magic Heroes, Golden Sun, and more.

According to the game’s description, Rigid Force Alpha will try to capture what the classic shoot’em up genre had to offer. The game was designed with hand-crafted 3D graphics and visual effects.  On top of containing a story mode with animated cut scenes, the title will have a boss rush game mode, adjustable difficulty levels, leaderboards, and achievements. For the full list of the game’s features, check out the helpful list below:

  • Unique weapons and power-up systems
  • Vast amounts of different enemies, challenging mid-bosses and enormous end bosses
  • An exciting story mode with animated cutscenes
  • Additional Arcade and Boss Rush game modes for extended high score runs
  • Six different action-packed 3D stages
  • Adjustable difficulty level – for beginners to experienced players
  • Leaderboards and 40 achievements to unlock
  • Original synthwave soundtrack by DREAMTIME featuring Michael Chait

I am certainly looking forward to giving this a try. I miss what the shoot’em up genre had to offer and this title looks like a very stylized but intense action-packed joy ride. Plus if you mention that one of the developers helped make Golden Sun then I will most likely want to play it.

As mentioned above, Rigid Force Alpha is set to release on August 31st for PC (via Steam). Anyone looking for an idea on how the game plays can check out the recently-released trailer, below: