RIGS: Winter Season Update Coming December 20th; First Batch of APX RIGS Coming December 27th

December 19, 2016

Today, Guerrilla Games announced that RIGS Mechanized Combat League: Winter Season Update is set to release December 20th, tomorrow. And to celebrate, the developer has released a new launch trailer.

The Winter Season starts tomorrow and will debut the first European stadium in Mechanized Combat League, located in Zurich, Switzerland. According to Guerrilla, this new arena draws much of its inspiration from skate parks, and focuses around four sunken bowls that flow into the surrounding structures, allowing RIGS to pull of some big air jumps. The new arena will be available in both single player, as well as in multiplayer, and will come with its own set of Trials.


Guerrilla also announced that starting on  December 27th, you’ll be able to pilot the first batch of APX RIGS, upgraded versions of the original RIGS that will feature an enhanced boost system, higher top speeds, and new air-dodge and back-dodge abilities. However, the APX RIGS are outfitted with a lighter form of armor and do not offer nearly the same level of protection as the original RIGS. The first RIGS groups to receive the APX treatment will be the Test Rigs and the Vampire RIGS, while the Nuke RIGS will follow on January 10th.

In addition to both the new RIGS and map, The Winter Season also will have new Weekly Trials, which will consist of “high-risk, high-reward challenges.” If you manage to complete all six Trials consecutively and at increasing difficulty, without failing, you will be rewarded a unique pilot customization and a large slab of credits.

The Customization Store is also set to make its debut with the update. Here, you’ll be able to buy new customization options for your pilot via credits. The store will continuously be updated with new, and sometime limited time items.

Lastly, a new trailer highlighting the update was released. You can check it out below:

RIGS Mechanized Combat League is available exclusively on PlayStation VR. Guerrilla has said it plans to drop content throughout the winter season in order to ensure players have plenty of new mechanized combat well through the holidays.

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