Check Out the First 27 Minutes of Rime in New Gameplay Video

Check Out the First 27 Minutes of Rime in New Gameplay Video

The long-awaited adventure game from Tequila Works is coming later this year, and a new video showcases the game's opening moments.

The long-awaited title Rime echoes of games such The Legend of ZeldaIco, and other iconic adventure games, with new gameplay footage giving viewers a good indication of what they’ll find from the game’s opening moments.

In a new video from IGN (as part of its IGN First coverage), the first 27 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Rime have been revealed to give viewers a look at the title’s opening moments, as the player character awakens on an isolated beach and begins to explore the landscapes around him.

Rime was long-in-development from Tequila Works originally as a PS4-exclusive, but in the years since its announcement was kept relatively quiet with few updates on development. However, earlier this month brought the title’s re-reveal, with the studio announcing that the title would now be a multi-platform release and arriving this spring, after its original reveal at E3 2013.

From what we know so far of the game’s story and setting, the game will take place on a mysterious island, as the young boy protagonist will explore and solve various puzzles around the island and uncover its secrets waiting.

Rime will release for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in May 2017 – for a closer look at gameplay and the first opening moments from the game, you can check out the new video below: