Rime Gets Cracked on PC in Record Time; Denuvo DRM Now Being Removed as Promised

Rime on PC gets cracked in a mere five days, resulting in the developer removing Denuvo DRM from the game as it previously said it would.

Back on May 26th, long-time-coming adventure puzzle game, Rime, from developer Tequila Works, launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One (with a Switch release coming sometime this summer). Upon release the game received a rather mixed bag in regards to critical reception, but for the most part it was a smooth launch for the game. Well, on consoles that is. The PC release is a different story.

Rime notably launched on PC with Denuvo anti-tamper software, which in an open letter posted on Steam by producer Cody Bradley was a decision apparently made after the developer/publisher saw the piracy rates of games similar to Rime and got scared. And as you may know, DRM is a very unpopular among a significant portion of PC gamers, and thus there was a bit of backlash, both towards the developer and the game’s publishers Grey Box.

That being said, earlier this week Grey Box announced that it would actually drop Denuvo DRM from the game once it got cracked. So what happened? Well it got cracked very quickly. Actually, in record breaking time.

It”s important to note that, according to Bradley, all that Denuvo was doing was checking to ensure that Steam or Origin’s own DRM was working, and that when it did this the game suffered a “small performance hit,” but that this was not leading to other issues with the game. But again, all of that is irrelevant now: as the game has been cracked.

Grey Box initially said it expected the game to be cracked within two or three weeks of launch. But it actually has been cracked in a mere five days, a record-breaking time that ties Resident Evil 7 for the fastest Denuvo crack.

That being said, early this morning, Grey Box took to Steam and announced that it is indeed following through on its promise and will  be replacing the current build of Rime with one that does not contain Denuvo.

In addition to announcing the removal of the Denuvo, Grey Box also reaffirmed that it is committed, alongside developer Tequila Works, to supporting the game going forward, and that the game’s first traditional patch is scheduled to release next week. Said patch will provide a fix for the VR initialization bug, and will also provide a fix to some specific instances of hardware-related crashes, among other updates which will be detailed at the time.

Rime is available for $39.99 USD for the above mentioned platforms. If you want, you can check out our review of the game — where we awarded a 9 out of 10 — here.

Tyler Fischer

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