Ring Fit Adventure Keeps You Moving with Free Rhythm Game Update

Ring Fit Adventure Keeps You Moving with Free Rhythm Game Update

With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, Nintendo's popular fitness RPG received a timely content update to keep the game fresh.

Current circumstances have us all stuck inside for a while, and it’s gotten tougher to find ways of staying active as a result.

Ring Fit Adventure has been a good solution to that problem, provided you can find the game, and Nintendo’s helping to keep the game fresh by way of a free content update that’s available now.

Announced during Thursday morning’s Nintendo Direct Mini, Ring Fit now has a rhythm game mode that will keep your body moving to the beat. The mode features 17 tracks to run through, with selections coming from the game’s own soundtrack, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and Wii Fit.

The update also brings a couple extra bells and whistles to other aspects of game too. For starters, Ring, your companion throughout Adventure Mode now has a female voice option. You can also change languages at any time in the settings menu, and a new jogging option has been added so that you can run through levels without having to stop to battle enemies (perfect for when you just want to get some quick cardio in).

Standing as Nintendo’s latest go at creating fitness-based games, Ring Fit Adventure found a way to successfully mix exercise with RPG elements, and struck a chord with a lot of people because of it. The game’s been in high demand ever since its launch back in October, and that demand has only gotten greater because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.