Riot Games Amends Company Values Policy in the Aftermath of “Bro Culture” Accusations

Riot Games Amends Company Values Policy in the Aftermath of “Bro Culture” Accusations

After claims of sexism and a "bro culture" mentality within the company, Riot Games has now updated its Company Values Policy in hopes of regaining a better ethos

Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends and founded in 2006, has revealed a new and amended company values policy on their website. This comes to light after the company was accused of allowing its employees to follow a sexist “bro culture” mindset within the walls of one of the biggest companies in gaming.

It seems as though the company has spent time in reflection after some damning claims in a report by Kotaku that Riot Games didn’t hire women for various reasons, with some that include they “weren’t gamer” enough and subsequently offer a man the position instead.  Other claims were that male colleges shared a  list that was passed around by senior leaders on what women within the company they would sleep with along with emails of disgusting images and many other abhorrent accusations.

Riot Games manifesto hadn’t been updated since 2012 when they were still figuring things out as a young company and those valves at “didn’t evolve” with the company, but now they want to “represent who we want to be for our next chapter” in terms of their core values. Riot states that they have had conversations with their 1,700 Rioters to ask them “who we need to be to deliver on our promise to players”. They continue to make a promise to stay true to these values and for them to “become a part of every Rioter’s daily reality”.

Riots Values:

• We will continually invest in cultivating an environment where each and every Rioter is able to thrive and reach their peak performance.

• We will strive for fair and equitable processes that Rioters can rely on.

• Our leaders will live the values and actively promote them within their teams.