Riot Games Employees Reported to Walkout this Afternoon

Riot Games Employees Reported to Walkout this Afternoon

Employees at League of Legends developer Riot Games will be walking out today in protest of forced arbitration.

After employees at Riot Games threatened a walkout of the company’s offices last week in protest of forced arbitration, it seems like those threats of a walkout will today become a reality.

As reported by Kotaku, employees at Riot will indeed be walking out of the offices today in an action that is meant to show that changes are being demanded at the company. The walkout is said to last from 2:00pm PST until 4:00pm PST and a representative from Riot has stated that the company is supporting the actions of those participating. “We respect Rioters who choose to walkout today and will not tolerate retaliation of any kind as a result of participating (or not),” said an email received by Kotaku from a Riot representative.

Over the past year, multiple reports have stemmed from Riot Games stating that the internal culture at the studio has been overwhelmingly negative with the root cause of many of these issues coming from discrimination. This problem has only been amplified even further when Riot moved to block lawsuits related to said discrimination within the past month due to forced arbitration. Many who work at the company feel these policies preventing these lawsuits need to be rectified immediately, hence today’s planned walkout.

Of those who are said to be acting in the walkout today, their fear doesn’t seem to be that they will lose their jobs, but more that their message will fall on deaf ears. “I hope leadership takes the time to seriously listen to the issues,” said one anonymous employee in a message to Kotaku.

“The worst-case scenario is that leadership does not budge from their current position and continues to maintain that there will be a ‘future commitment’ about current Rioters,” said another organizer of the protest.

It’s worth noting that last week Riot revealed future plans for new Riot employees “to opt-out of mandatory arbitration for individual sexual harassment and sexual assault claims” when joining the company, but this still does not cover those that are currently working for the studio or have done so in the past. Because of this, the situation at Riot remains with many more still demanding further changes.

We’ll keep you updated if there are any major developments in this story today.