Ripped Pants at Work Receives a Terrifying Trailer and Release Window

Ripped Pants at Work Receives a Terrifying Trailer and Release Window

Developer Scott Ethington has revealed that his first solo project, Ripped Pants at Work, will be cowering in fear on Steam in early 2018.

We’ve all had that dream where we walk through the front door, say hello to all of our co-workers and realize we’re night wearing pants… right? Well, solo developer Scott Ethington has decided to take that concept a step further by making an entire game out of it. Best of all, it’s a stealth game about finding a new pair of pants!

Ripped Pants at Work begins like any normal first day at work. Upon finding a pencil on the ground, you bend over to pick it up and are suddenly transported to a state-of-being without pants. Of course, it would be too embarrassing to face your co-workers without pants on, so you must hide from them and the rest of society as you explore this open-world for a new pair of pants and a slice of dignity.

Ripped Pants at Work includes an entire city full of locations and people for you to avoid eye-contact with. You will need to hide in bushes, under curtains, and behind doors, strategically avoiding direct line-of-sight with everyone you encounter. If you’re caught by too many people, you’ll be fired for indecency, but not to worry! You’ll get a new, randomly generated employee to fill your shoes and face the nightmare all over again.

Ripped Pants at Work is currently in development for PC and Mac, and it is expected to release sometime in January 2018. For more information on the game, you can visit its official website or its Steam page. You can watch the game’s first official trailer in the video below.