Adult Swim Games’ Rise & Shine Announced for PS4; Launches Tomorrow

Adult Swim Games’ Rise & Shine Announced for PS4; Launches Tomorrow

Today, developer Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team and publisher Adult Swim Games announced that its 2D side-scrolling run’n’gun platformer Rise & Shine, which released on PC and Xbox One back in January, is coming to PS4. Additionally, the pair also revealed that the game is releasing on April 17th — aka tomorrow.

In Rise & Shine you play as a kid named Rise who’s “accidentally” given Shine, a legendary, super-powerful gun, right in the middle of the bloodiest war his planet has ever seen. That planet is Gamearth: the once peaceful home to all classic videogame characters.

To save Gamearth, Rise must work closely with his new partner Shine, whose add-ons, special bullets, and loud-mouthing are key to getting both safely across each hand-drawn level and repelling the Nexgen invaders. Get it? Nextgen? Pretty clever actually.

The game noticeably boasts a distinct style of humor and as Enrique Corts Artist at Super Mega Team puts it via a post on the PlayStation Blog: you’re going to die a lot, aka the game is pretty hard. Further, and according to Corts, the team “took a lot of time making sure all the backgrounds in the game are real, hand-drawn masterworks, full of life and little details waiting to be discovered by anyone with a keen eye for Easter eggs and retro gaming references.”

Corts concludes the PlayStation Blog post with the following, send-off-ish message:

We made Rise & Shine as an honest love letter to the history of videogames; nothing more, nothing less. We had a blast during the three years of development and savored every little detail of this project as we made it. We really hope you enjoy the ride with us!

Rise & Shine costs $14.99 USD. If you want, you can check out our review of the game of here.