Risk-like Strategy Beat ‘Em Up Aztez Encourages You To Spread, Strengthen and Subjugate To Defeat Your Foes

on March 17, 2014 2:01 PM

Move over Roman Empire. We’ve seen enough of you. Or at least, that’s what the developers at Team Colorblind are trying to prove, with their upcoming strategy/beat ’em up mash up, Aztez.

Aztez will task players with maintaining the Aztec Empire through turn-based strategy very similar at heart to the strategy board game giant, Risk, while managing the more violent outbreaks via real-time beat ’em up sequences, like the one you can view below in the Combat Teaser trailer and animated gifs.

The developers at Team Colorblind say that every game will be unique, with different events occurring at different times through a variety of challenges and spoils, with the only way to obtain victory through the three “S’s” of war: Spread, Strengthen, Subjugate!

While it is unsure when the game will be coming out, you can expect to see Aztez on the PS4 and PS Vita. For more on the game, check out the Aztez website.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Aztez - Combat 01

Aztez - Combat 02

Aztez - Combat 03

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