Rivals of Aether - Definitive Edition Delayed to September

Regarding the game's delay, Rivals of Aether creator Dan Fornace apologized to players, saying "My b."

August 14, 2020

Rivals of Aether, a Smash-like title that has long called the PC its home, announced earlier this year that it would be bringing a definitive version to not just Steam, but also the Switch. Originally, this version of the game was going to launch this Summer, but now it seems the complete version of Rivals of Aether will be arriving early in the Fall.

In a Tweet, Creator of Rivals of Aether Dan Fornace revealed that the game’s definitive edition won’t be releasing this month. His full message to players is below.

When Rivals of Aether – Definitive Edition does launch, it will bring all the DLC available in the game with it, along with some other goodies. First and foremost is a new game mode dubbed Rivals of Tether, which somehow transforms the game into a match of tetherball. Outside of that, players can expect a ton of new cosmetics for characters and some new stage skins to boot.


Rivals of Aether has enjoyed moderate success since launching in 2015. The game has garnered a following of dedicated players which brought it to some eSports tournaments, including Genesis, a massive Smash Bros. tournament. Rivals of Aether – Definitive Edition was announced at Genesis 7 following the game’s own tournament.

So far, no pricing for Rivals of Aether – Definitive Edition has been revealed. That being said, players that already own the game on Steam will get to enjoy this new version for free. For those that have already purchased the game’s DLC, there’s still something to look forward to – access to new character skins before they launch for other players.


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