Shovel Knight is Joining the Fight in Rivals of Aether

Shovel Knight is Joining the Fight in Rivals of Aether

Yacht Club Games' shovel-wielding Shovel Knight is joining the fight in the indie fighting game Rivals of Aether as a new playable fighter.

Originally released last year, the acclaimed Rivals of Aether, a spiritual successor to party fighting games like the Super Smash Bros. series, brought accessible fighting to audiences through an indie style, and now a familiar face will be joining the roster of original characters in the form of Shovel Knight.

Developer Dan Fornace revealed in a blog post for the game that Shovel Knight, the titular hero from Yacht Club Games’ acclaimed 2014 game of the same name, will be joining the game as a new playable fighter for players to fight as (or against) in battle. According to Fornace, Shovel Knight will be available in the Steam version of the game this fall as DLC for $4.99, and the DLC will also include a new stage inspired by Troupple Pond from Shovel Knight.

Alongside his ever trusty shovel, the reveal trailer for Shovel Knight in Rivals of Aether highlights numerous moves and abilities for the character inspired by the original game, such as digging up buried treasures, fishing, and pogosticking on his shovel to hop across the map (and bounce on top of enemies’ heads).

Rivals of Aether is available now on Xbox One and PC. For a closer look at the introduction of Shovel Knight to the game, you can check out the character reveal trailer below: