Road Redemption Will Release on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One This Year

Road Redemption Will Release on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One This Year

After a release on Steam, the vehicular combat racing game from Tripwire Interactive is coming on all current console platforms.

Tripwire Interactive previously stated that their vehicular combat title Road Redemption would come to Nintendo Switch, and with a new trailer, the developer/publisher is now ready to showcase the game on all current consoles.

Road Redemption is described as a roguelike combat racer, where players lead a biker gang across America on a “road rage adventure.” Compete in races, commit assassinations and robberies, and collect loot in the single-player campaign, or jump into the game’s multiplayer mode, either in local 4-player split-screen or online.


Initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the game was released on Steam, and was also set for a Wii U release—obviously, the phasing out of that console in favor of the Switch has rendered plans for a Wii U release null and void. Tripwire is currently showing Road Redemption to media and content creators at Gamescom.

Road Redemption will arrive on consoles sometime this year. Meanwhile, check out the console announcement trailer for the brutal racing game below, along with some newly released screenshots.