Robin Glides Into Infinite Crisis’ Cast of Champions

Robin Glides Into Infinite Crisis’ Cast of Champions

The next champion to be introduced into Turbine Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Infinite Crisis, Robin takes the spotlight for today’s Champion Profile.

From the main Earth timeline, this Robin is surprisingly Tim Drake’s pre-New 52 appearance as Robin (and in the popular red and black costume to boot). For non-comic fans, Tim Drake is the third Robin to join Batman’s crusade against crime, recruited after he deduced Batman’s identity using his incredible detective skills. Robin is a melee support in Infinite Crisis, one whose abilities include:

  • This Guy: every few seconds his basic attack marks a target; if Robin or an ally attacks the target, they will consume the mark, which deals bonus Attack Damage and restores Will or Energy.
  • Vault Kick: Deals Attack Damage, applies “This Guy!” and knocks enemy back.
  • Bo Master: grants Attack Damage reflection and reduces target’s move speed. Also will allow “Vault Kick” to pass through enemies without granting passive or knockback.
  • Dynamic Duo: Buffs allied targets, increases Move Speed, Attack and Power Damage, and grants bonus Will or Energy when passive’s mark is consumed.
  • Emergent Leader: his ultimate, deals Attack Damage and knocks targets back, while buffing the Attack and Power Damage of nearby allies.

As his abilities show, he’s a great partner in the field, but he burns through his Will pretty fast, and needs to manage his skills. He also has surveillance cameras which can extend allies sight, and can make use of a variety of weapons from other heroes to make for a badass hero on the field. For a closer look, check out the screenshots and trailer below.

Turbine Games encourage prospective players to sign up for the Infinite Crisis Closed Beta and join the Founders Program, which unlocks special perks and assets depending on the tier players pledge. For more on the game, including other parallel world heroes and villains like the Mecha Wonder Woman and the Atomic Green Lantern, check out all of our Infinite Crisis coverage.