Robinson: The Journey Will Show CryEngine's Ability to Create "Rich Environments and Incredibly Detailed Experiences"

Crytek’s upcoming VR game is called Robinson: The Journey, and it puts you in the shoes of a young astronaut who crashed on a mysterious planet.

Crytek’s Production Director David Bowman shared a bit of his thoughts on VR, and why Crytek felt the urge to become one of the early developers for it.

“With the progress in technology and massive investments into the sector, we believe VR is here to stay and it will transform the way we experience new media. VR is the bleeding edge of technology and therefore it maps to our company culture and our focus.”

“Furthermore, for 15 years we have been building tools and an engine for actually primarily creating worlds. Since the beginning of Far Cry, we’ve built wide and expansive worlds and we pushed it even further with Crysis. We have always been about immersion and immersive worlds, which is a big part of VR as well.”

When asked about Robinson: The Journey, he said that it will “demonstrate that CryEngine excels at rich environments and incredibly detailed experiences.”

“Crytek is famous for constantly pushing what is possible on each platform that we support. Robinson: The Journey will demonstrate that CryEngine excels at rich environments and incredibly detailed experiences while also showing why we are so incredibly excited by developing VR games. This isn’t exactly a feeling of pressure; it’s the natural result of having powerful tools, incredibly talented developers, and a new medium in which to express ourselves.”

Robinson: The Journey was announced for PlayStation VR during Paris Games Week 2015.

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