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Roblox Deepwoken- Races Rarity, How To Check Trello

Here is all you need to know about Roblox deepwoken.,

December 21, 2021

Deepwoken is the latest game that has made its way into the Roblox universe, and fans are quite curious to learn more about it.

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We get new Roblox games from time to time, and there are a number of developers out there actively working to bring new stuff for players out there. Deepwoken was released recently, and it has already become quite a sensation among fans out there. The roguelike gameplay makes it quite unique, and there are a number of races players can get which have a different range of abilities. Here is all you need to know about it.

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Roblox Deepwoken- Races Rarity

  • Adret (18.6% Chance) – 2 Charisma & 2 Willpower – Has a better starting reputation with actions and autodidact.
  • Celtor (18.6% Chance) – 2 Intelligence & 2 Charisma – 10% Extra Health on Ships and Ship are cheaper when purchasing one.
  • Etrean (18.6% Chance) – Reduces the effect time of status effects.
  • Canor (16.7% Chance) – 2 Strength & 2 Charisma – Reduces the damage that your team receives.
  • Gremor (14% Chance) – 2 Strength & 2 Fortitude – Gains a Compass and loses hunger slower than normal.
  • Felinor (9.3% Chance) – 2 Agility & 2 Charisma – Increases Stealth and allows for better parkouring (climbing) on wooden surfaces.
  • Khan (9.3% Chance) – 2 Strength & 2 Agility – You learn how to use new pieces of equipment than others. You can equip things at 3 points lower than required.
  • Vesperian (7% Chance) – 2 Fortitude & 2 Willpower – Gives player extra armor. You also wear a mask that you can’t take off.
  • Capra (2.3% Chance) – 2 Intelligence & 2 Willpower – Either increases the amount of food gained when eating, improves rest by those near you, or improves your sanity.
  • Ganymede (2.3% Chance) – 2 Intelligence & 2 Willpower – Gains resistance from sanity.
  • Lightborn (Unobtainable) – +5 to any Stat, 2 Agility, & 2 Intelligence – Takes less damage from Acid Rain. This race is currently unobtainable.

Roblox Deepwoken – How To Check Trello

As with many other Roblox games out there, there is a Trello board players can use to check the latest updates related to the game. To access the Deepwoken Trello, players need to head on to the link here and they will find all the information on the various cards.

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