Roblox: How To Unlock The Gold Piggy Skin

Lets make that Piggy gold!

April 5, 2021

If you’re trying to unlock the brand new Gold Piggy skin in Roblox, you’ve come to the right place. The brand new quest recently went live and we’ve got a full guide on how to unlock that shiny new Gold Piggy skin.

The developers tweeted out that the new quest for the Gold Piggy had officially gone live and players flocked to Roblox to work out how to do it. Unfortunately, it’s a little tricky, so here’s our full guide.

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What Is The Gold Piggy Skin?

The Gold Piggy is a brand new skin that can be unlocked by completing the official Gold Piggy quest.

This new skin was created modelled by @xperia01344120 and published by the map developer @DaRealMiniToon.

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The Golden Piggy is an exclusive skin for the more hardcore players of Roblox. If you’re happy to complete a more difficult challenge, you can unlock the new skin for yourself right now.

How To Unlock The Gold Piggy Skin In Roblox

To start with, you’ll need to make sure you’re playing on the Piggy map by MiniToon.

Once the Piggy map has loaded, head downstairs into the basement and collect the gold key from the bench. Then, use the gold key on the wall to your left, a clock face should appear.

Then you’ll need to crouch through the hole in the wall next to you, go straight to the end of the hallway and you will see a ramp, use the key on the wall to the left of the ramp. Once you’ve done this, another clock face will appear.

Now head up the ramp and through the two sets of doors you see outside, once you’ve gone through the second door use the key on the wall to your right next to the bench. Again, another clock face will appear.

Keep heading straight on and then through the door to your left, head up the stairs and through the door on your left. Keep going left when you head through the door at the top of the stairs, then use the key on the wall on your right-hand side just before the next door.

Now that all of the clock faces are active, you need to press them all in the correct order. The most recently activated one will be the first you need to press, set it to ‘I’ facing towards midnight. All of the clocks are colour coordinated to show you which way the handle should be pointing.

It’s important to note that they have to be done in the order I, II, III, then IV. If you select them in the wrong order it will reset.

So, now that all of the clocks are activated and correctly set in the right order, head upstairs and you’ll find a safe that should now be open. Click on the Gold Piggy in the safe and the quest is completed!

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