Roblox Hockey Mask: How to Get the Updated Version

The Roblox Hockey Mask now has a new look.

The Jason Vorhees mask in Roblox from Friday the 13th movie series has received some significant changes that make it look less like the original Roblox Hockey Mask probably due to copyright issues.

It’s been a while that Roblox had added the official Jason Vorhees’s mask from the Friday the 13th move series, however, it seems the developer has faced some legal issues due to featuring the mask in the game without respecting the copyright. As a result, the developers decided to re-release the Roblox Hockey Mask with a different design that doesn’t look like Jason’s mask at all.

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The new design doesn’t seem quite satisfying for some of the players, which led to negative reactions and backlash from the community, especially some YouTubers, due to changing the appearance of one of the limited items in the game. The update for the mask has been applied lately, so if you jumped into the game and see your Hockey Mask doesn’t look like a hockey mask at all, don’t panic.

How to Get the New Roblox Hockey Mask

Still, you need to spend in-game Roblox points to acquire the updated version of the Hockey Mask. However, since the look of the mask doesn’t seem as satisfying and haunting as before, there might be a decrease in the price of the updated version. Not to mention that if you already own it, the mask will change into the new version.

So far, Roblox has been one of the most successful playgrounds for gamers that allows them to create their own games and have fun. The game will launch its stock shares in the market soon, which could help the game see more commercial growth while gathering more players and creators.

Roblox is now available for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Mobile, and PC.

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