Roblox Piggy Easter Egg Hunt 2021 - All Egg Locations, Unlock Bess Skin

Need help finding those eggs?

April 4, 2021

It’s officially Easter, which means there’s a brand new Piggy Easter Egg hunt to be completed in Roblox to bag yourself a brand new skin.

We’ve put together a full guide on how you can get the brand new Bess skin, and where to find every single Egg for the new Easter Egg Hunt in 2021.

How To Unlock Piggy Bess Skin

If you want to unlock the brand new Easter skin, Bess the Bunny, you’ll need to collect all 12 eggs located in the Piggy Book 2 map.

In order to unlock the skin, not only do you need to find all 12 eggs on the map, but you need to find them all in one play through. If you back out of the map and go back in, your progress will be reset.

It might take you some time to collect all the eggs, but we’ve put together a list of all 12 locations to make it a little bit quicker for you.

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All Piggy Easter Egg Locations

First you’ll need to jump into the Piggy Book 2 Map and make sure you select Book 2.

Next, you’ll need to head into Chapter 2, because every single egg is found within Chapter 2. Then when you’re in Chapter 2, there’s a total of 6 maps to be completed, each map will have 2 eggs within them. It’s also worth noting you don’t have to complete the full map, you can grab the eggs in the map and move on to the next.

Map 1

Egg 1: Inside the museum between 2 chairs
Egg 2: Inside the hotel at the end of the hallway, hidden in the left corner

Map 2

Egg 1: When you spawn in, look up and the first egg is behind the exit sign
Egg 2: Grab the scissors from the bench and cut the grass, the egg is under it

Map 3

Egg 1: Where all of the cars are parked, infront of the green care
Egg 2: Grab the key ontop of the box, unlock the door, head upstairs and the egg is next to a bunk bed

Map 4

Egg 1: Bottom floor of the map, put out the fire and head down the stairs, the blue egg is behind a pillar in the lobby
Egg 2: Find the elevator key and activate the elevator, walk down into the radio room and find the elevator door, if you’ve activated it correctly the door will open and the egg will be inside on the ceiling

Map 5

Egg 1: The first egg is hidden behind a door next to a set of white shelves
Egg 2: Head to the bottom of the map, open up the blue B door with the blue key, then head into the room and the egg is on the ceiling in the bottom left corner

Map 6

Egg 1: Head through the blue B door, you’ll need the blue key. The egg is downstairs between the red beams.
Egg 2: Inside the machine room that requires a green key, on the back wall the egg will be hidden behind a machine. You’ll need to really look for this one as it blends in with the machine.

You’ve now completed the Piggy Egg hunt and should have unlocked the Bess Bunny skin!

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