Roblox - All Project XL Codes for March 2021

Here are March's Project XL codes.

Roblox has fast become one of the biggest properties in gaming. The game and its tools allow players to create their own projects and turn them into full-fledged adventures.

You don’t have to look far in Roblox to find some great projects either. The likes of Anime Fighting Simulator, All Star Tower Defense and Adopt Me have gone on to become as big as some full release titles, attracting thousands of players each day. Most recently, Project XL is getting a lot of limelight.

Within these games, there are often codes for special bonuses – including XP, Currency and other boosts and Project XL is no different.

Here are all the codes for Project XL in March 2021.

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What is Project XL?

Project XL, like most other projects in Roblox, is a fan-made game. It allows players to create their own characters and then compete in battles using a variety of ranged and melee combat. These can include Fireballs, Spears and Electricity.

Roblox Project XL Codes – March 2021

  • milan242 – Redeem code for 30,000 Mastery XP [NEW FOR MARCH 18]
  • SubToJohntoon02 – Boost one ability to Mastery Level 100
  • SubToKelvingts – Boost one ability to Mastery Level 100
  • SubToTheSalehm121 – Boost one ability to Mastery Level 100
  • Reaiah – Boost one ability to Mastery Level 100
  • blackstar6991MVP – Boost one ability to Mastery Level 100
  • 3kLikes – 15 hours of Double Mastery
  • 20kLIKES – 20 minutes of Double Mastery
  • HerbalGibbon13 – 5,000 Mastery Experience
  • PyrusPlayer – 5,000 Mastery Experience

How to redeem these Codes in Roblox

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To redeem the above codes in the Roblox game Project XL, players will need to open the chat function, this can be done by pressing the “/” button. Once the chat box is on screen, it is as simple as copying and pasting each one of the codes, hitting enter and receiving the rewards.

Roblox and by extension, Project XL, is now available on Xbox OneXbox Series X|SPC, and Mobile.

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