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ROCCAT Kone AIMO gaming mouse looks sleek, futuristic and packed with those always needed side buttons, but how does it actually perform?



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Over the years, I have had the “Goldilocks effect” when purchasing a mouse. They were always too heavy, too big or too light for my needs. When the ROCCAT Kone AIMO arrived, I felt hopeful for the first time! The Kone AIMO is the big sister to ROCCAT’s previous gaming mouse, the Kone Emp, and this mighty mouse feels just right!

The Kone AIMO is designed for those long hours of frantic gaming as you click and slide around your mouse-mat and straight away I notice how easy this process will be as for once, this mouse actually feels smaller in my hand than any I’ve tried from before, although I do have larger hands than the average woman; however, even on the smaller handed people, I think they’d find it fits very snuggly into their palm.

The smooth texture of the Kone AIMO feels cool under my finger-tips and palm, with no sharp edges that snag or alter your movement, although I have a feeling that it could get a little slippery with some intense gaming action sequences, something that was also experienced with the Razer Abyssus Essential Gaming Mouse, but as yet, I’ve remained cool and calm under pressure.

There’s a nifty button right by your thumb which is one of the Kone AIMO’s main features called ‘Easy-Shift[+]’ button which acts like the Fn key on your keyboard. You also have a left and right click, which is normal in most mice, and a 4D Titan Wheel that allows you to adjust the speed in which it scrolls, as well as directional controls within the wheel itself.

The DPI (dots per inch) and sensory controls sit right under it and offer a good amount of options to play around with the response time and sensitivity, operated by their Owl-Eye optical sensor on the bottom giving you a super range of 100 DPI to 12000 DPI if required, which is remarkably precise with keeping everything on target.

I loved how bright the Intelligent light system was on the AIMO mouse, which is a great surprise given the poor lighting on the Roccat Horde AIMO keyboard. Even in low lighting, the colors shone through… it was almost as if the mouse was “breathing” these colors, making it extremely hypnotic to watch. If you wish, you can customize the LED strips of the mouse using the free Roccat Swarm app which is available for PC. These include “snake”, where a single light chases around the AIMO’s zones, and heartbeat which pulses the lights, like a heartbeat obviously, adding to that “alive” feeling the Kone AIMO exudes.

One of the downfalls of this mouse is that it’s only suitable for right-handed folk, leaving the poor lefty’s once again out in the cold. I think Roccat could adapt this in their next mouse so that it could be used with either hand.

All in all, ROCCAT’s Kone AIMO gaming mouse is a wonderful addition to either an office for everyday comfortable use or for a keen PC gamer who doesn’t want to compromise their performance. This gaming mouse has a perfect weight so it doesn’t feel too heavy or bothersome to move, but not light enough where you feel you don’t have any force under your palm. The mouse offers a sufficient number of buttons and that makes the Kone AIMO great for almost all gaming genre, but it’s not exactly cheap though, coming in at $90 on the Roccat website, although I do believe that this gaming mouse is extremely versatile, efficient and well worth the money spent.

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