The Horde AIMO Is ROCCAT's New Gaming Keyboard That Includes ‘Membranical’ Key Switches

The Horde AIMO by ROCCAT offers RGB lighting, a 360-degree turning wheel, a strange name, as well as a new set of key switches called "membranical."

When it comes to keyboards, products sporting mechanical keys are a dime a dozen. While this is great in a way as it provides various options for those looking to buy a mechanical keyboard, some PC gamers want more out of their products. While the same thing can be argued with keyboards that offer membrane plank, wouldn’t it be amazing if both were combined to make a hybrid keyboard? Well, ROCCAT has finally made that hypothetical into a reality in the form of its new product the Horde AIMO, which sports “membranical” keys.

According to the peripheral gaming manufacturer, the Horde AIMO’s membranical keys combine everything great about mechanical and membrane key switches. Aside from its striking feature, the ROCCAT Horde AIMO is, in reality, a membrane keyboard. However, what makes the Horde Aimo unique compared to its competitors is the lower actuation point for key presses, sadly, Roccat did not go into further detail. Nevertheless, the manufacturer claims the keys have an actuation speed of 7.8ms, making it 2.2ms faster than the average membrane keyboard, which has a rate of 9ms.

Additional features include RGB lighting and dedicated macro keys and an audio turning wheel. The macro keys have a noticeably lower height than the rest of the keys to ensure that they’re immediately identified when fingers are run over them. This prevents gamers from accidentally hitting the wrong key during extended gaming hours.

The Tuning Wheel and keys present fast and spontaneous control for various actions, including illumination, brightness, dpi, and volume. It can also be customized entirely to accommodate the gamer’s style. While the tuning wheel itself can be moved freely through 360° with precision, tangible steps, the Tuning Wheel produces on-the-fly commands. On top of that, the Tuning Wheel is also compatible with Windows 10 Dial functionality; this marks keyboard on the market with this feature.

Currently, the Horde AIMO is available for purchase on ROCCAT’s official website for $99.99. If you are interested in checking out the keyboard’s design, a batch of screenshots will be provided below this article.

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