Rochard Comes to PSN This Spring

Rochard Comes to PSN This Spring


Recoil Games and Sony Online Entertainment have release some new details for their upcoming puzzle platformer, Rochard. A side-scroller puzzler coming to PlayStation Network this Spring. Go on a space adventure with astro-miner John Rochard as he discovers an ancient structure hidden within an asteroid. You’ll need to manipulate gravity to solve puzzles, use the G-Lifter to lift and maneuver objects, swing, jump and propel yourself distances throughout the levels and go up against evil space pirates and enemy bosses.

“We have been working on Rochard for some time now and we’re very excited to start showing this clever, funny, unique adventure title to PlayStation Network gamers,” said Burt Kane, Creative Director at Recoil Games Ltd. “The hero, John Rochard, is no marine or super soldier, but just a tough, ordinary miner with a mustache, placed in an extraordinary situation.  The combination of its humorous style, explorative space antics and the player’s ability to manipulate gravity will really make Rochard stand out.”

“As a leading publisher for independent titles on the PlayStation Network, we are extremely pleased with our partnership with Recoil and the upcoming release of Rochard continuing our string of successful   platform exclusives,” said Louis Figueroa, VP Business Development.  “With a unique storyline and style, Rochard will assuredly push the envelope of new and original titles on the PlayStation Network.”

Now, let’s take a look at some screenshots, shall we?