Rochard Makes the Move to PC

on November 7, 2011 9:15 PM

Rochard, Recoil Games’ gravity-bending platform shooter, is gaining new life on Steam after a month as a PlayStation Network exclusive. PC owners can pick up this off-beat title starting Nov. 15 for $9.99.

The game stars a space miner named John Rochard who stumbles into an intergalactic conspiracy after coming across an alien structure inside an asteroid. Much of the game’s personality comes from its characters and zany situations. It’s got a subtle old-school Insomniac Games-y vibe to it if you check out the Steam trailer after the jump.

One of the game’s unique mechanics is the ability to use a gravity gun to manipulate heavy objects in order to utilize them in battle. It’s like a Jedi’s Force push in a gun!

As our own Allen Park pointed out on his review of the PSN release, it’s a fun enough game — although maybe not enough to warrant an immediate purchase when so many blockbuster titles demand your attention right now with more to come — but don’t expect too┬ámuch from the story. After a quick playthrough of the demo, I’d have to concur.

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