Rock Band 4 Will be Forward Compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X

Rock Band 4 Will be Forward Compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X

Rock Band 4 will continue to be compatible with the next-gen consoles that are soon set to release, with most existing accessories also remaining functional.

While we have known for awhile now that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X would boast backward compatible libraries in the thousands, Rock Band 4 has been a bit of a special case. Even though the game itself might work on both of the new platforms, some have wondered whether or not the controllers that are actually needed to play the game would work on each next-gen system as well. Fortunately, developer Harmonix has today assured fans that Rock Band will still be alive and well on the forthcoming pieces of hardware.

In a blog post on the Harmonix website, it was assured that Rock Band 4 will be playable on both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. All of the DLC that has released for the game over the years will be able to make the jump, too. And when it comes to you guitar, drums, and other accessories that you might own, Harmonix says that it anticipates most of the instruments “should work as expected.”

“Our team has been diligently testing a bunch of old gear on the new systems to make sure everything works exactly as it does today,” Harmonix explained in the post. “When you break open those crisp new consoles, you should be able to connect your existing, compatible peripherals and play Rock Band 4 right out of the box.”

The write-up goes on to also say that E-kits and other adapters for the new Xbox console should still work as well. Additionally, Rock Band 4 is said to boast faster loading times across PS5 and Xbox Series X/S and crossplay will be possible between the same family of consoles. So if you want to play with a buddy who is on PS4 but you’re playing via PS5, you should be perfectly fine.

All told, it’s great to see that Rock Band 4 players will still be able to continue on jamming with the new consoles next month. For more information on the instruments that Harmonix has said it has tested on PS5 and Xbox Series X, you can check out the post to see the full list.