Rock Band Blog Gives Details on Getting Us Closer to Being Like a Pro

The green, red, yellow, blue and orange days are over! I am extremely excited to see which direction the rhythm-based genre goes from here. With the introduction to the new Rock Band 3 keyboard and with Mad Catz’s actualy six-string guitar, the Rock Band world can only get better from here. If you are a fan of these rhythm-based games and the Rock Band games themselves, I’m sure by now that you all have heard about the Pro-Guitar feature that will be in the next Rock Band installment, and I’m sure that you are also wondering how its going to be pulled off… Well, the team of masterminds over at Harmonix have created a blog detailing the Pro-Guitar and Pro-Bass features and how it will help you get closer to becoming the next Zakk Wilde or Dimebag Darrell, shredding your way to becoming one step closer to being a real-life guiatarist (and not a plastic one). If you are at all interested in what Rock Band 3 has in store for you this October, I’d suggest checking out the Rock Band Pro blog site that gives you all of the information on this new feature that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

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Tyler Christensen

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