Rock Band Closes Curtain on DLC

Rock Band Closes Curtain on DLC

Today is a sad day for fans of Rock Band and its 275 consecutive weeks of over 4,000 songs being released. Harmonix has announced that April 2nd will be the last weekly DLC for Rock Band so gears could be shifted to titles in development.

The next few weeks will see the release of some songs that have yet to make it onto Rock Band and the remaining Rock Band Blitz tracks. There will also be a sale on over 1,100 songs that will be available at 50% off.


Very few developers have provided the kind of consistent support that Harmonix has for Rock Band and while it is a shame there will not be any new songs there are still a ton of songs to download. Many great times were formed around this game that brought the drums home and it will be interesting to see what Harmonix is working on next.

Until then gamers should check out Rock Band Blitz and share some of your personal Rock Band moments below.