Rock Band DLC Week of 7/21

Rock Band DLC Week of 7/21

This week the guys at Harmonix, have managed to release a little something for everyone. With one single from Lush and 3 track packs from Rancid, Kings of Leon, and Rise against we’ve got the makings of another solid week of Rock Band DLC. The Wii will continue playing catch up with of 25 tracks from Big Dipper, Judas Preist, The Dead Weather, Jethro Tull, Naked Brothers, and No Doubt.


Tracks will be available on July 21 on Xbox Live and on July 23 on Playstation Network.

Prices are $1.99 or 160 MS points (on XBL) per track, $5.49 or 440 MS points (on XBL) per track pack.

Track List:

As the norm for Rock Band all track are master recordings! Enjoy!