Rock Band Network Music Store Goes Live

Rock Band Network Music Store Goes Live

width="500"Look alive all you aspiring writers, musicians and singers, now you can get your music out there for the masses to enjoy.  The Rock Band Network Music Store goes live today!   First announced last July, Rock Band Network gives the unknowns out there the chance to upload their own music to gameplay files and promote their stuff.    Since it’s open Beta launch in January, over 4,000 authors and reviewers have registered to listen to a library of over 100 songs.  To add to all that excitement, it was also announced today that T-Mobile has jumped on the Band-wagon and will be hosting an “Artist-Of-The-Month” feature beginning in April.

Paul DeGooyer, senior vice president of Electronic Games and Music for MTV Networks Music Group, said “The Rock Band Network Music Store gives artists at any level the opportunity to reach new fans through our deeply engaging interactive platform.  This new pathway for discovery is a huge win for passionate music fans, as well as an opportunity for artists to promote themselves while positively impacting their bottom line.”

Artists who post their songs can chose from varying pricing packages, and receive a royalty of 30% of the retail price (excluding tax) for each song.  Not a bad deal.  With the original Rock Band platform boasting over 1,100 songs so far, the Rock Band Network Music Store will boost that even further.

“The response to and interest in the Rock Band Networkhas been even greater than we originally expected,” said Alex Rigopulos, CEO and co-founder of Harmonix Music Systems. “We’re very excited about the number of bands and labels who have geared up to participate in the Rock Band Network, as well as the number of enthusiasts who have signed up to participate in the Peer Review and Playtest processes.”

Songs that are submitted through the Network must go through an approval process, comprised of two stages.  Playtest, where the Network community submits feedback on each specific title in progress and Peer Review, each song goes into a revised and final draft that must be approved before the song can officially be up for sale.  During the Peer Review portion of the process, songs are tested for playability, verifying that they are abiding by the authoring standards and checked for violations such as vulgarity, original content, etc.

Those who sign on to be Peer Reviewers get the awesome opportunity to play the Network content for free.  Any fan can sign up to be a Reviewer as long as you have Rock Band 2, an Xbox 360 and an internet connected PC.  The only thing left to get,  is to purchase a XNA Creators Club Online Premium membership.

Want to become a Peer Reviewer?   Check this out.

Or maybe try your luck and see if you have what it takes to be the first Rock Band Network star?  Take a shot.