Rock Band reaches the 1,000 song milestone!

on November 25, 2009 12:26 PM

“When we launched Rock Band two years ago, we made a promise to create a music gaming experience that delivered on a weekly basis more songs and artists than ever imagined. We’re extremely proud to pass this remarkable milestone of over 1,000 songs in Rock Band and will continue to innovate and bring more of the best music to Rock Band players all over the world.”

These are the words of  Alex Rigopulos, one of Harmonix Music System’s co-founders. Thanks to the multiple releases on the 360, PS3 and – surprisingly – the Wii, it’s an impressive report that such a busy game production company are staying true to their fan base on all platforms. Featuring the music of more than 390 bands, it’s safe to say that Rock Band, without question,  is the industry leader in providing the best selection of interactive musical content, songs and artists. If you weren’t already a fan, now may be just about the best time to jump on the band wagon. Will Guitar Hero accept this and settle for second best? After all, they’ve got their new DJ lovechild to attend to!

Not only is this an impressive feat already, but Harmonix are still heart-set on bringing more musical ingenuity to the table! Not dissuaded by the mass sales of the majorly male teen target audience, Harmonix are ensuring there are more fresh, unique and inventive ways of allowing their players to enjoy their productions.  For example:

Fans can access content included on the disc of Rock Band 2 and export other discs into their music library including Rock Band, LEGO Rock Band, and a variety of track packs, which employ the disc export technology that Harmonix pioneered. Additionally, players can select from weekly downloadable content, now in its 105t consecutive week, all created by the dedicated Harmonix audio and art teams.

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