Rock-Opera Platformer The Artful Escape Gets 10 Minutes of New Gameplay Footage

Rock-Opera Platformer The Artful Escape Gets 10 Minutes of New Gameplay Footage

PC, Xbox One, and Mac game The Artful Escape looks trippy and beautiful in new gameplay footage.

Ten minutes of new gameplay footage of The Artful Escape from developer Beethoven & Dinosaur and publisher Annapurna Interactive has surfaced, courtesy of IGN.

The new footage was specifically captured during E3 2017, and features the game’s director Johnny Galvatron commentating and providing and overview of the game alongside said gameplay footage.

As you may know, The Artful Escape is a narrative-driven adventure platforming game that most noticeably has quite a neat art design. In the game you play as Francis Vendetti, who on the eve of his first performance, battles with the legacy of a dead folk legend and the cosmic wanderings of his own imagination.

Stuck in the shadow of his uncle Johnson Vendetti (a cultural megalith and artist of one of the best albums of all time), many people in Francis’ hometown are expecting him to live up to Johnson’s legacy in his first performance (to see Johnson reborn on stage). But Francis wants no part of that and so he goes on a journey to rid himself of the name and persona of Francis Vendetti.

With the help of  Violetta, a laser artist returning home from California, and Lightman, proprietor of Lightman’s Reptile and Telescope Emporium, “Francis embarks on an adventure down an abandoned multidimensional roadway – a place of alchemists, wanderers, naked Space Gods, hallucinogens, horizonless wonder and incredible danger.” And it is on this journey that Francis will find his new persona, and plot his return.

It is said that in the game your dialogue choices will help shape the backstory, charisma, and image of Francis’ new stage persona. Further, there is a “plethora of extra-dimensional-animalia to interact with and sample with your field recorder.” By playing your samples back, you can gain access to new areas, hypnotize beasts, and create your own alien arrangements.

It’s currently unclear when The Artful Escape will launch, and at what price-point. In the meanwhile, you can at least check out some new footage showcasing more of the game: