GO Fest 2021 - Should You Choose Rock Star or Pop Pikachu? How to Catch

By Sam Woods

July 16, 2021

Pokemon GO’s biggest event of the year, GO Fest is fast approaching.

Players have been drip-fed information over the course of the last month or two, but now the event is nearly here.

However, before the festivities truly kick off, players are presented with a big decision to make. Like the Pokemon GO Kanto Tour, there will be two choices available – Rock or Pop Pikachu.

We give you the breakdown of which of the two options you should choose based on everybody’s favourite electric mouse.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

What are the core differences between the two choices?

Unlike the Kanto Tour that took place in February, there aren’t too many major differences between the Rock or Pop Pikachu.

The main difference players will be choosing from is the music.

GO Fest 2021 will have an original score, produced by none other than Pokemon legend Junichi Masuda – composer from the mainline Pokemon games.

Players who choose Rock Star Pikachu will be treated to a “rock-and-rolling track”, whereas Pop Star Pikachu fans will get a “high-energy electro-pop song”.

This is probably a good thing as it means players won’t be forced to choose between huge numbers of different Pokemon, one of the biggest complaints about the Kanto Tour.

Which Music Should you Choose?

Really, this decision is all down to the tunes you want to be listening to whilst playing, a heavier rock tune or a more upbeat pop song.

The tracks have already been datamined on Reddit, so take a listen and see which one you prefer. Use this to shape your choice ahead of the day.

How to Get Rock Star or Pop Star Pikachu – Which One Should you Choose?

Players will be able to encounter and catch their own Rock Star or Pop Star Pikachu by taking “a snapshot during event hours on Saturday after completing your Special Research!”

It’s then down to you which one you should choose and there are a few things that will help shape your decision:

  • The two Pokemon are wearing distinctly different outfits.
  • Rock Star Pickachu grants players a “Rockin’ Pose” while Pop Star Pikachu grants an “Iconic Pose”.
  • Rock Star Pickachu knows Meteor Mash and Pop Star Pickachu knows Draining Kiss.
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