Rocket League Reaches New Milestones Since Release; Over 25 Million Players, 1 Billion Matches

The wildly-popular rocket-powered soccer game has continued to grow in popularity, with the game reaching new milestones since its release in 2015.

on January 11, 2017 1:01 PM

Psyonix’s rocket-fuled soccer game Rocket League became one of 2015’s biggest surprise successes, and in that time the game has managed to track some impressive stats since release as the studio has revealed.

Developer Psyonix revealed some new stats on Twitter that Rocket League has reached several new milestones since its debut, with the title having reached a total player count of over 25 million players. The title has also racked up an impressive one billion matches played over a year and a half, with Psyonix having also broken down the percentage of matches played between Competitive, Causal, Alternative, and Private matches, with the majority favoriting competitive play.

Rocket League debuted from Psyonix in July 2015 on PS4 and PC and became a surprise (and quick) success, with the title being part of the PlayStation Plus lineup of free titles in that month. Alongside the PS4 and PC versions, the title has also since released on Xbox One, Mac, and Linux, and maintained an incredibly strong community and player base thanks to regular releases of DLC, new modes, and other content.

Rocket League is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

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