Rocket League Makes the Switch from Crates to Blueprints December 4

Rocket League is getting a new, non-randomized way of earning cosmetic loot just in time for the Christmas season.

Rocket League developers Psyonix announced a few months ago that they would be getting rid of randomized loot crates and replacing them with “Blueprints“. This new way of acquiring cosmetic items isn’t perfect, but it’s much improved from what players had before. And now, Psyonix has finally announced the release date for the new feature. It will launch early next month alongside the new item shop and the fifth battle pass.

Essentially, the new Blueprints show you an item you can craft for credits. This takes away much of the randomization surrounding loot boxes by letting you see upfront what you’re getting. Along with Blueprints, Psyonix is introducing Credits, which you can use for a variety of things, including building a specific Blueprint you want to craft. The system could probably be simpler, but it does feel like a step in the right direction.

Because this is such a major change to how Rocket League works, the team will be disabling all drops and purchases 25 hours before update goes live. So, if you need to make any trades or purchases, do it before December 3. Going forward, you won’t be able to trade up lower-tier items for better ones, so make sure you take care of that as well.

Coming with Blueprints is the Item Shop. This will let you browse all of the cosmetic content available in the game and purchase it with Credits. If you don’t want to bother with Blueprints, this seems like a straight forward way of getting exactly what you want.

This is a huge change for Rocket League, but a seemingly welcome one from the community. Randomized loot boxes are almost never good for the consumer. Even as someone who doesn’t play Rocket League anymore, I’m glad to see them leaving the game.

Rocket League is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Blueprint update will drop on December 4.

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