Rocket League Delays Addition of Cross-Platform Parties

Rocket League Delays Addition of Cross-Platform Parties

After promising the inclusion of cross-platform parties in Rocket League for September, developer Psyonix is pushing back the feature for the time being.

Cross-platform parties were meant to be included in Rocket League as early as August, until a slight push to September—now, says developer Psyonix through a blog post, the implementation will come even later. Players across platforms will have to wait longer until they can party up in lobbies together.

Psyonix implied that there was still work to be done, saying that the team wanted RocketID, the system that would allow cross-platform parties, to be “operating flawlessly on all platforms before its release.” Whenever this update does arrive, it will allow PC players to party up with PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players. But like Fortnite, the PS4 will not play nice with Xbox One and Switch, making that specific configuration of cross-platform play impossible.

Otherwise, the team behind Rocket League offered a follow-up word on their massive Progression Update: hotfixes were made to fix some problems with the game’s physics, and the developers clarified on how players’ previous progression would translate into the game’s new system.

Another change we made after the Progression Update, was focused on where Level 75 ‘Rocketeer’ players would land in the new XP system. Initially, most of our Rocketeers ended up between Levels 110-120 and our fix the following week adjusted placement in the new system, pushing most of those affected players up into the Level 200-225 range.

Two major factors went into determining how you would be converted into the new progression system: online matches played — which excludes private matches and is based on our own internally-tracked match history — and earned XP. The internal match history we used for this conversion process may not line up with what you see on stat-tracking websites for a number of reasons, including local save data file corruption or manipulation. Along with matches played and XP, we’ve factored in progress on your last level before the update, while granting up to 10 additional levels to players based on where they fell within the curve of matches played by their same-level peers.