Frosty Fest Officially Returns to Rocket League Today with the Event Ending on January 7

Frosty Fest Officially Returns to Rocket League Today with the Event Ending on January 7

Rocket League is getting a bit chilly with the return of Frosty Fest.

Psyonix’s soccer game that has you booting a ball around a large pitch with a fancy rocket car, Rocket League has officially begun it’s Frosty Fest special event and players can earn snowflakes to unlock special cosmetics. All winter themed of course.

Frosty Fest was around last year, and it has returned once again to allow players to compete in matches to earn a special currency known as Snowflakes. This currency will allow players to spend them on a range of cosmetics. A few listed on the official blog post from last week show ‘Winter Storm’ Trail, ‘Holiday Hearth’ Wheels, ‘Peppermint Powerhouse’ Title as well as loads more.

Special Golden Gifts are also available which allow Rocket League users to gain an item from the Nitro, Turbo, Overdrive, or Secret Santa crates. The event has officially started today and will end next year on January 7. Once the event has ended you’ll have until January 10 to redeem any unspent Snowflakes. Snowflakes are earned by simply taking part in online matches.

You can find the trailer below which shows off some of the cosmetics you’ll be able to earn starting from today. There’s a rather awesome looking animated decal with snowflakes that I thought looked awesome.

We’ve just seen the arrival of a new McLaren 570S which is available as DLC, and for those playing the title on the Xbox One X will be enjoying the new update that enhances Rocket League on the console. However, those hoping to enjoy full cross-platform play will be waiting until sometime in 2019.

Rocket League is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.