Rocket League Hits One Million Concurrent Players After Going Free To Play

Rocket League Hits One Million Concurrent Players After Going Free To Play

Rocket League celebrates going Free to Play with some incredibly impressive numbers.

Rocket League has been one of gaming’s biggest success stories over the last console generation. The game launched as a free download on PS Plus over five years ago now and has gone from strength to strength since. Over that five year period, the game has had over 75 million different players and over five billion matches. Back in July, Psyonix confirmed that the game would be dropping its paid model in favour of moving to Free to Play. A move, which after a day, is already looking wise.

Since dropping the purchase fee and the requirement for a PS Plus and Nintendo Switch Online membership only yesterday, the game has achieved a massive milestone. For the first time ever, Rocket League reached over one million concurrent players.

The impressive feat was confirmed on Twitter by Psyonix Co-Studio Head, Corey Davis, earlier today. The tweet was capped off with a well deserved “Let’s go!!!!” And rightly so. Only a handful of games can say they have over one million concurrent players, especially after being around for more than five years.

The move to the Free to Play model also bought some more changes to Rocket League which were detailed in the most recent patch notes. The main changes saw the launch of Season One on all platforms, the release of the new challenge system and the availability of the game on the Epic Games Store.

The release onto the Epic Games Store, and the move to Free to Play, also saw the announcement of an interesting crossover event. Starting this Saturday, September 26, Rocket League and Fortnite will be teaming up for the Llama-Rama event. The event, which runs until October 12, will allow Rocket League players to unlock Fortnite themed items and vice-a-versa.

Rocket League is available now and free to download on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.