Rocket League March Update Adds Blueprint Trade-Ins and Audio Presets

Blueprints will finally be tradeable, new audio presets, and more.

By Ben Bayliss

March 9, 2020

Rocket League will be getting a March update tomorrow for all available platforms and introduces a handful of new content and features such as the ability to trade-in Blueprints for…more Blueprints.

In a new blog post, Psyonix explains that players will be able to finally trade-in a total of 5 Blueprints from the same series and rarity in exchange for 1 Blueprint of higher quality. Blueprints were introduced to the game as a replacement for loot crates and allow the player to see what the item is and requires Credits to be used to unlock the item.

When the feature first launched, there was heavy backlash over the pricing, but Psyonix has since reduced the cost slightly, but some items still remain at a large number of Credits, costing players a good deal of real-world money, unless of course, they’ve been saving up the 100 credits they can unlock for free throughout the Rocket Pass tiers until they hit the level cap.

The update will also introduce some dynamic range controls for the audio, allowing players to choose from three presets. Medium (Default) is essentially a balanced audio for headphone users. Low (Night) is for listening at a very low level, boosting the quieter audio and making louder sounds quieter. High (Theatre) is for a more dynamic experience and finds louder sounds being more explosive while the quieter sounds are reduced to ensure players are immersed in the world.o options tab.

A new Blueprint series is being introduced to Rocket League through the update, as well as more items being added to the rolling Item Shop. There are some quality of life improvements being added as well such as changes to the camera and interface tweaks.

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The March update will also be the last update for Mac and Linux versions of Rocket League. If players have played the game on Mac or Linux, they should be able to request a refund through Steam, but refunds need to be submitted by June 10, 2020.

Rocket League is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s also approaching the end of Rocket Pass 5 which means the next one is due to be revealed soon.

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