Rocket League Developer Psyonix Has Been Acquired by Epic Games [UPDATE]

In a surprising new deal, Psyonix is now owned by Epic, with Rocket League coming to the Epic Games Store on PC later in 2019.

By Logan Moore

May 1, 2019

UPDATE: Since publishing this story, Epic has released a new statement clarifying that it will indeed continue selling Rocket League on Steam after the game has come to the Epic Games Store later in 2019. The initial wording from Epic made it sound initially like the title would be pulled from Steam for sale after it transitioned to Epic’s own platform, but this isn’t the case.

“We are continuing to sell Rocket League on Steam, and have not announced plans to stop selling the game there. Rocket League remains available for new purchasers on Steam, and long-term plans will be announced in the future,” said a statement given to US Gamer.

The original version of this story can be found below.

In a move that I don’t think anyone really anticipated, Rocket League developer Psyonix today announced that it has now been acquired by that of Epic Games.

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Psyonix shared the news on its official website today stating that the move gives the company the resources that Epic has at its disposal. “Rocket League always has been and always will be a community-driven game, and now that we have joined forces with Epic, we will be able to serve our community in even bigger and better ways!” said the message from Psyonix.

As for how Rocket League will now be changing, Psyonix said the changes are only positive. Through this new relationship, Psyonix hopes to grow Rocket League “in ways we couldn’t do on our own before.” Consistent updates for the title will also continue to roll out as usual, too.

Likely the biggest change though will involve the PC version of Rocket League. According to Epic, Rocket League will be coming to the Epic Games Store exclusively later on in 2019. Until that time, the game will still be readily available via Steam. And even after the transition takes place, Psyonix and Epic will continue to support Rocket League for those who own it through Steam.

While this is certainly a surprising announcement, it doesn’t seem like the core product of Rocket League will be changed much at all. Other than the shift to the Epic Games Store, which should come as no shock, Psyonix will continue being itself and Rocket League will remain the same game it has always been.

It’s certainly an intriguing move for both companies, but not one that should make you worried about the future of Rocket League.

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