Prepare to Get Totally Radical With Rocket League’s Newest Summer Event

Prepare to Get Totally Radical With Rocket League’s Newest Summer Event

Rocket League's Radical Summer event kicks off next week with a celebration of 80s movies, culture, and television.

Rocket League is back with a new summer-long event that the team at Psyonix is calling Radical Summer. Over the course of the next few months, players can fully embrace the over-indulgence and tubular pop culture of the 1980s in a series of events. Check out the completely over-the-top announce trailer below.

The event launches next week and will kick off with three weeks celebrating some of the greatest movie blockbusters of the 80s. Everyone will be able to get mixtapes and unlock things like Sloth’s Hat (The Goonies) as a topper, ectoplasm (Ghostbusters) for your boost trail, or E.T.-themed wheels. You can also purchase the Ecto-1 car pack to unlock the iconic vehicle from Ghostbusters.

During the three-week window, you’ll be able to play the limited-time game mode Ghost Hunt. You and your teammates will have to use your proton streams to carry the ball into a containment zone and hold it there for two seconds. Whoever scores the most zones, wins. Make sure you don’t cross the streams.

Every three weeks a new event will start. The second is all about 80s culture, while the final event is 80s television. Every event includes its own selection of items to unlock. Plus, the television event will bring the Knight Rider car pack along with it. There will also be new limited-time game modes included with all three updates. It looks like Psyonix is also giving everyone a last chance at unlocking things in the last week of the event with something they’re calling “Last Chance Redemption”.

This looks like a fun way to spend the summer if you’re into Rocket League. The event kicks off on June 10. So, if you haven’t, be sure to pick up the game on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, or Xbox One now.