Rocket League Replacing Loot Crates with Blueprints in December

Changes are heading to Rocket League this December when Blueprints take the place of loot crates.

Rocket League developer Psyonix back in August of this year announced plans to remove the games loot boxes by the end of 2019.  A new blog post has now shared information about the new system that looks to take over the loot crate system.

The new system is simply named “Blueprints” and will take effect in December through a game update. Blueprints are obtained in a similar way to how the current Loot Crates are obtained; Play a match, and there’s a chance you’ll get a Blueprint.

Blueprints obtained will show you exactly what item you’ll be able to create from it for a set price. This offers more transparency as you’re being offered a set item as opposed to unlocking a crate with a chance of receiving whatever numerous items are available with each crate.

Blueprints will sit in your inventory and will let you pay to create the item it offers and receive it immediately, or you can leave it and pay to create it at a later date. They will also offer Painted, Certified, and Special Edition items, just like Loot Crates.

In addition to the above, a new Item Shop will become available through the same Rocket League update. This will offer a variety of content ranging from items, legacy crate content, and “long-awaited debuts of items like the Titanium White Dominus”. Items obtained from the Item Shop are bound the players account and cannot be traded with other players.

At current, Rocket League uses Key’s to unlock crates. Keys are being replaced with Credits which can be used to create items from Blueprints, upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium, and purchase content from the Item Shop. More information surrounding the Item Shop will be revealed in the coming months.

Those who purchase Esports content on Rocket League will find that Esports Tokens are separate from the Credits and are the only way to purchase items from the Esports Shop.

Those who have Keys saved up in their inventory will see these automatically converted into Credits when they first log back onto Rocket League after the update. And each crate a player has will be converted into a Blueprint of the same series. While crates are still available, a new crate is being introduced to Rocket League called the Vindicator Crate which starts rolling out on October 3. It’s the final crate arriving in the game and will introduce a new Sentinel Battle-Car and Neuro-Agitator Goal Explosion. You can see the car in the image above.

There will also be some changes to trade-ins, making it so that players will be unable to trade any content that was purchased from Blueprints, the Item Shop, or any legacy content received from crates. However, free content earned through playing will still be tradeable. There are also plans to improve the inventory management feature, allowing you to archive items you don’t want to see.

Rocket League is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and Linux.

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