Rocket League’s Upcoming Rocket Pass System Detailed by Psyonix; Coming Later This Summer

Rocket League’s Upcoming Rocket Pass System Detailed by Psyonix; Coming Later This Summer

Rocket League is going to be getting a new Rocket Pass system this summer, and developer Psyonix have finally provided details about the new system.

Psyonix has provided details into what the upcoming Rocket League Rocket Pass system actually is that was originally announced in their May blog post, with the developer detailing its roadmap for summer 2018. Not a lot of information was revealed, but the gist of it was revealed in this snippet:

“Alongside the XP and leveling updates, we’ve also been working on a new system to give you new ways to earn items and make progress while playing Rocket League.”

The new details from Psyonix for the Rocket Pass system describes it as a time-limited progression system as a way to earn new content in Rocket League. The goal is that several Rocket Passes will be offered every year with new and unique content for each Rocket Pass that is ready to unlock. Starting later this summer, players will be offered two versions of the Rocket Pass.

The free one will automatically unlock free rewards for new customization items, player banners, in-game titles, and decryptors to unlock crates. The premium version will cost the player ten keys (USD $9.99) and will unlock new customization options, new car bodies, more keys, premium player banners, and premium titles. XP boosts will also be unlocked that multiply any XP earned during the Rocket Pass duration, and XP Awards to advance through the passes duration more quickly.

All players on all platforms will be able to get these passes and all items can be traded except for the titles. Before purchasing the premium Rocket Pass, players can view what’s going to be included and allow players to decide on whether or not to make a purchase.

Each time a player levels up during a pass’s duration, they’ll earn one Pass Tier: the more tiers that player earns, the more rewards are unlocked. Players can then use keys to buy Tiers outright, but these are going to be restricted to an undecided number.

If a premium pass has been purchased, Pro Tiers will then take place after all lower Tiers in the player’s pass have been achieved. Each Pro Tier awards the player with a “random painted and/or Certified version of a Premium Rocket Pass item” that they’ve already unlocked. According to the developer, they estimate that it should take about one hundred hours to complete every Tier in a Rocket Pass, excluding the Pro Tiers.

While there won’t be any gameplay challenges for the first Rocket PassPsyonix stated that a Weekly Win Bonus could be introduced that allows faster leveling up by winning enough games per week. If you want to read up on the system more you can head to the website. Rocket League just recently got the Salty Shores update and a Jurassic World Car Pack

Rocket League is available for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.