Rocket League Teases Season 1 Prior to Going Free-to-Play This Week

Rocket League Teases Season 1 Prior to Going Free-to-Play This Week

A new car, items, and revamped challenges.

Rocket League, that wonderful game about driving cars into a large football and getting goals in flashy ways has already been announced to be going free-to-play this week, and developer Psyonix has now shared information about the upcoming Season 1.

Last week, Rocket League got a new update introducing an entirely new UX, now showcasing menu elements in a graphically new way as well as sort of simplifying it. Of course, a lot of people aren’t too impressed with the new visuals, but the biggest part of the update was introducing the Epic Games system to the game, allowing players to now see their Epic friends. It also enables cross-platform progression which allows you to link Rocket League on other platforms to one account. So really, the game is all “ready” for this Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Rocket Pass will be available to progress through with the introduction of Season 1 and will feature over 70 tiers to go through and with those items being inspired by the history of Rocket League. One, in particular, will be the Harbinger vehicle, inspired by Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars that can only be unlocked by purchasing Rocket Pass Premium and is not available for the free Rocket Pass tiers.

A new challenge system will now see players able to take part in weekly, seasonal, and event-specific challenges that will also unlock rewards for completing them. Tournaments have been revamped, and will also feature rewards to win. Additionally, those interested in taking part in the competitive playlists will be able to start ranking up as the new season begins.

Rocket League is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Those who have owned the game prior to it going free-to-play will receive some in-game items if they log-in. There’s also a trailer to show off some of the Season 1 rewards for those who progress in the competitive ranking.