Rocket League Season 4 Begins in April; New Tiers Revealed

Rocket League Season 4 Begins in April; New Tiers Revealed

Today, developer Psyonix announced, via a blogpost from the game’s official site, that Rocket League Season 4 will begin sometime in April. Details on the changes that will accompany Season 4 — other than that there will be new tiers — were not provided.

The blogpost begins with thanking fans for their patience and support, and reveals that Season 3 went on significantly longer than Season 1 or 2 because the developer has many changes it plans to implement in Season 4, and so naturally it needed extra time. As mentioned above, details on these changes were not provided, and won’t be until the season gets closer to the start. However, rather than completely leave its fans with nothing, Psyonix did provide a teaser for Season 4 by releasing a sneak peek of the new Tiers you can expect:

Rocket League

As mentioned above, Season 4 will begin sometime in April, and once it does Psyonix has said the game will move to “a more regular Competitive Season schedule.” What does that mean? I don’t know, but the developer did say it will provide more details — again — once the season draws nearer.

Looking ahead to the more immediate future, Psyonix also detailed the rewards it will be dishing out to players for Season 3. In the past two seasons, special Crowns and Rocket Trails were awarded. They were nice freebie awards, but not really what I was looking for. However, for Season 3 Psyonix is stepping up its game and giving out special Wheels to all players who have placed in Competitive Playlists.

The rewards will be handed out as follows:

  • Prospect I or higher – Season 3 Prospect Wheels

  • Challenger I or higher – Season 3 Challenger Wheels

  • Rising Star or higher – Season 3 Star Wheels

  • Champion or higher – Season 3 Champion Wheels

  • Grand Champion – “Season 3 Grand Champion” Title

In other recent and related news, Rocket League has surpassed 25 million players. You can read more about the impressive milestone here.